Sandwich panels for cold storage

As its name implies, the cold storage sandwich panel is used for use on the ceiling or cold-wall of the house. Sandwich panel the simple combination of rigid polyurethane core between two layers of metal sheet is a product called a sandwich panel. The chilled panels are 8 to 20 centimeters thick in size, and the polyurethane used in that material is quite hard and fragile, which is why it is not easy to use on its own. However, by sandwiching this material between the two layers of the metal sheet with a high tensile strength, we obtain the mechanical properties.

The special features of this type of sandwich panels are to adhere to the principles and rules of health, and the unique feature of the cold-panel sandwich is moisture and decay resistance.


From a long time ago, humans needed a device to keep their food at a safe temperature. Use of springs, wells, underground caves, old glaciers, and finally refrigerators and colds. Today’s modern and smart homes represent garlic. The evolution of methods has been to address this human need, as well as its importance throughout history.


To maintain cold temperatures, elementary houses used wood, straw or animal skins, but to ensure a stable environment and the need to maintain a proper temperature, the thought created the insulation of these environments in the human mind, which ultimately led to The production of the first generation of insulators was combined with a combination of wood wool and animal wool that was combined and compressed with natural adhesives such as clay and sap. Over time, with the advent of science and the production of petrochemicals, the use of polystyrene (acoustic) has become widely used as a suitable refrigerated seal. But the big disadvantage of this flammable insulator was that it replaced scientists with a substitute material, and eventually polyurethane was introduced to the industry as a desirable insulation. From the Polyurethane, it was used to make prefabricated walls known as sandwich panels. Panel sandwich is a lightweight and laminate structure that is limited to two layers of metal on both sides and is injected between these two layers of insulating polyurethane injectable intact with special physical properties. The use of polyvinyl chloride panel sandwiches greatly reduces the cost of consuming refrigerated cabinets.

Cold storage  Sandwich Panel is used in the following industries and applications:

– Construction and implementation of cold stores

– Food, animal and marine industries

– Medical, Experimental, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Equipment Industries

– Maintenance of daily materials used for hotels, stadiums and … such as vegetables and all kinds of fruits

– Livestock and agriculture and cold stores

– Flower and plant production

– And…

The advantages of this type of sandwich panel include:

– Resistant to moisture, heat and sound transmission

– Resistant to environmental conditions and corrosion

– Nonflammable

– Washable

Technical specification of cold storage panel sandwich

Sandwich refrigerated panels are used to keep cooler temperatures.


Insulated polyurethane foam with different lengths


A solid structure for a variety of closed, open spaces (Sandwich panel for cold storage dealer 5019)


The use of colored sheets to cover a long-lasting galvanized alloys


Hygiene is a special feature of sandwich panels and resistance to moisture and rot


Easy to install and very fast with the ability to bump and rebuild


Polyurethane insulator of density 40 kg / m3


The floor of the refrigerating chamber is constructed in two ways according to requirements:


With a special sandwich panel


The thickness of the sandwich refrigerated panel is 12, 12.5, 15 cm


With plastiform insulation

The thickness of the sandwich panel

Panels are in thickness from 4 to 25 centimeters and are produced according to the order. The sandwich panels consist of 5 layers, the inner and outer protective layer, and two special adhesive layers that are used to bond the outer and polyurethane foam layers. The foam inside the sandwich panels is made of polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg / m3 .

ساندویچ پانل سردخانه ای

Refrigerated Sandwich Panel (Mammut 5019)

These sandwich panels are designed to provide a logical and complete solution for industries that need to store products at a moderate and cool temperature, with a beautiful and durable appearance along with the affordable sandwich panel for Mammut. The Mammut 5019 is ready to accept your projects.

ساندویچ پانل سردخانه ای

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