What is Sandwich panel ?

Sandwich panel or aluminum composite panel (ACP) as well as aluminum composite materials (ACM) are composed of lightweight and compounds that both sides of the two layers has been limited and  a layer of insulation in the midst of it (like a hamburger sandwich bread it is covered from both sides of the Burger) it’s soft insulation And flexible. Sandwich panels are made of materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool and glass wool

The sandwich panel has a composite structure and a very light layer that consists of two layers of metal or non-metal sheets on both sides. filled with insulation material between the two layers and the insulator is attached to two sheets by glue. On the same principle The above-mentioned insulating material is the same core as the sandwich panel structure that should be lightweight and rigid, and according to need, can be special and different physical properties.

In The Mammut industrial complex as insulation material for polyurethane rigid foam with its ideal strength to its light weight, thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, high durability and ensures high performance and energy efficiency is exceptional.

Collapsible panel for quick and easy installation of a tongue and groove are made

Steel sandwich panels made of prefabricated panels mammut 5019 as made up that lets you choose between different insulation materials, profiles, insulating  dimensions, levels and gives color spectrum. Panels compact, all-in-one elements, including foreign coverage, solid layer of insulation and an internal sealant.

Display panels can be used horizontally or vertically as well as rearrange or hide available.

All panels have a solution for quick and simple installation. Mammut 5019 steel sandwich panels can be used to quickly and effectively build buildings, also has optimal insulation and fire safety, with a beautiful facade and roof.

The application of sandwich panel application :

The use of sandwich panels in a variety of cold storage and refrigeration industries, Workshops, field clinics, chapel and learning environment, Mobile Repair, outposts, one-and-two-story villa ,relief units during times of crisis such as an earthquake, manufacture of metal warehouses, walls and ceiling’s production halls , office buildings and hotels, trailers, containers, the panel used in tanks loggias, covered hangars warehouses, houses and villas, sandwich panel in industries, covering facilities, clubs and cold,

relief units during times of crisis such as earthquakes manufacturing facilities, residential, grain, schools and clinics Mobile, cold meat and dairy, mobile homes and caravans, indoor swimming pools, sports halls, walls and roofs of industrial buildings, false walls and ceilings and internal partition wall and office rooms in the factory.


:The sandwich panel has various applications in various industries, including

The construction of conex, static and mobile refrigerator conexs

  Production of containers

Production of structures and prefabricated house

Production of structures and prefabricated house, camps, temporary housing, hangars, warehouses and dock – building  complexes

   construction of industrial plant and production

construction of cold industrial and semi-industrial why the sandwich panels

 Insulation very strong energy

  lightweight compared with other materials

 cost much lower than traditional materials


  installation and implementation easy and fast – Rngbndyhay variety

 sound insulation appropriate

 greater resistance to shear forces caused by earthquakes

increasing the useful life of the structures

  flexibility great for use in specific projects

  high resistance to Hlalh And lack of corrosion in acidic environments and polyurethane


Types of sandwich panels

1. In this kind of sandwich panels

used for insulation foam that is produced in two types. The first type is called PIR is produced from a combination of polyol and ISO CIA Neurath. The second type of polyol and isocyanate PUR is that the composition is produced, and to accelerate the combination of both methods, the catalyst is required. Density foam is used to adjust the gas B141. The difference between these two types of sandwich panels PIR is on fire. Thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture-resistant and light weight is characteristic of this type of sandwich panels.

2. polystyrene panels

to insulate the Nvsandvych panels of polystyrene foam or polystyrene is used. In terms of thermal and acoustic insulation of polyurethane foam is placed in a lower grade, but it is lighter and less expensive as well.

3. The sandwich panels

The sandwich panels of rock wool insulation is rock wool fibers this kind of sandwich panels for fire being the most important feature of this type of sandwich panel. It should be noted that the fire of this type of polyurethane sandwich panels PIR is even higher.

Ceiling panels

Ceiling panels from 4 to 20 cm thick polyurethane foam injection of hard (density 2 ± 40) is produced. This kind of sandwich panel plants and fungi-resistant and has a low thermal conductivity.Ceiling Panels useful width of 1.08 meters.

Wall Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels form of building materials from two layers of foam injected between the sheets and sandwich panels used to cover walls called. Sandwich panels for the walls of industrial areas, refrigeration, residential, buildings, etc. are used. The sandwich panel has a useful width of 1.14 m and expansion of 4 to 20 cm thick.

Cold sandwich panels

Sandwich panels for cold storage in plain language, combining rigid polyurethane foam core between two layers of sheet metal, the product is called cold sandwich panels. Cold sandwich panels of thickness 8 to 20 cm is produced according to its users. Polyurethane foam used in it is quite hard and brittle material, for this reason alone is not usable. But sandwiching it between two layers of sheet metal with high tensile strength to achieve the desired mechanical properties are found.

Technical characteristics of the sandwich panels:

general galvanized sheets sandwich panels available on the market of the type and thickness of the sheet Alvzyng (zinc and aluminum), galvanized and pre-painted aluminum with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm in different colors and Super poly Astrkvrhay thickness 25 microns on the exterior and 7 Mkrvn the primer color cast from the junction with the foam sheet. (Adhesive foam sheet)

type of sandwich panel:

double-sided sheet, the sheet is a one-sided foil, a sheet of nylon face, a face sheet of paper one-sided, double-sided nylon, paper, double-sided, double-sided foil. Type of foam sandwich panels: polyurethane rigid-density 2 + 40 kg per cubic meter. models: Smooth DND RPO Hidden screws without screw RP1 Shyar- secret hidden screw groove Ryz- Mykrvvyv- RP2 RP3 hidden screw groove bold

color panels:

sandwich panels in 12 different color range including white, blue, red, silver, gray, cream, green , jade, yellow and purple is produced.

Polyurethane foam sandwich panel:

polyurethane foam polyol and isocyanate in a style that combines specific conditions and in the presence of catalyst is produced. Polyurethane foams form in which most of the pores are closed and can be used as thermal insulation. Polyurethane is produced at any required density. Maximum operating temperature 70 to 80 ° C polyurethane. Polyurethane at temperatures above 100 to 110 ° decomposes.


Foam polyurethane

foams are lightweight foams are produced in special circumstances and in the presence of a catalyst. Polyol and isocyanate polyurethane foam combined arise due to the closure of most of the pores of the materials are heated for sandwich panels.
Sandwich panels with polyurethane two-layer sheets that formed the core of the sandwich panels cover and such other sandwich panels in the roof and walls are used as thermal and sound insulation very well considered and energy efficiency doubles and also its mechanical and thermal properties, they put in the category of best sandwich panels. Polyurethane foams to a temperature of 100 to 110 degrees are resistant and strength to not lose, but the highest temperature the polyurethane of performance is 70 to 80 ° C and at a density of 40 to 42 kilograms per cubic meter good heat resistance and desirable to arrive
Sandwich panel with polyurethane foam to the two types of polyester staple and basic polyether divided:
the benefits and properties of sandwich panels with foamed polyurethane Sandwich panels with polyurethane foam due to the low weight of the Sheraton being easily implemented and installed easily and is also water-resistant design, it against humidity and rain and snow resistant to and will not absorb liquids.
Sandwich panels are highly resistant polyurethane and high durability and life. Are resistant against insects and are not eaten by them.
The cost of sandwich panels with a polyurethane foam is very low.
Sandwich panels with polyurethane foam flame-resistant and polyurethane foams used in sandwich panels in three classes b1 which polyurethane foam self-extinguishing fast or refractory is said and class b2 that foam flame retardant and self-extinguishing polyurethane foam or polyurethane foam flame class b3 which is said to be typical of classified and the organic structure of the foam, polyurethane sandwich panels of high flame. Another useful advantage of sandwich panels with a polyurethane foam appeared fit and color variation of it, and the addition of polyurethane foams as insulation used the Bacteria can not  Growth and replication of bacteria and high compressive strength also should be considered an advantage that it is no longer important.

Sandwich panels are washable and high flexibility for use in a variety of designs. The sandwich panels with foam Paul foam sheets used, as well as the number of stations that are in use as well as steps used in the compressive strength and load it in basins and usually in this type of sandwich panels thickness sandwich panels is not so important and it affects not Chennai.

Ways to reduce the cost of the sandwich panels:

to bring down the price of a sandwich panel are several ways that in the following few points are:

– Instead of being on both sides of the panel of sheet metal is used, only one side of the sheet metal used .

– from 5.0 mm to 4.0 mm lower metal plate thickness.

– Reduce steps used in the panel.

Price per square meter of sandwich panels
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