Sandwich panel applicationSandwich panels are widely used as construction materials, chemical industry, construction, packaging, refrigeration, military industries, aerospace, aerospace, transportation and design of industrial models and other aspects. . . .

– Refrigerators and refrigeration industries.

– Construction industry including walls and ceilings of production, industrial and semi-industrial halls, workshops, field clinics, office buildings, commercial hotels, hotels, shells and warehouses, schools, swimming pools and sports complexes, temporary accommodation camps, houses – villas, Caravans, rescue units and others. . .


Sandwich panel application

The breadth and features of sandwich panels make it possible to use for a wide range of purposes. These materials can be used in different parts of construction and construction, military industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, design of industrial, automobile, shipbuilding, road and transportation transportation, air transportation, packaging, construction of refrigerators, Temporary structures, partitioning, containers and stationary mobile containers, fire halls, mosques and barracks, command and control rooms, prefabricated houses, fast building buildings such as residential, educational, medical, industrial, office and commercial offices, fruit squares And trekhbar, amusement hotspots and temporary shelters at night Thighs (in earthquake or flood areas, etc.), sports halls and complexes, swimming pools, poultry and farming, police stations and rescue, field military centers, camps, medical buildings such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals and health centers, centers Nuclear, and so on.

Sandwich panel application

– Cannocks, guard post.

– The walls and ceiling of the containers.

– Fixed and mobile refrigerator and fixed-load carriers installed on a variety of trucks.

– Refrigerated trailer and trailer tires.


Workshop and Commercial Offices

Containers and prefabricated booths for use in fruit and vegetable fields

Conks with in-and-out control posts


Container and prefabricated control rooms or steering wheel

Recreational and tourism camps

Administrative and residential units

Emergency and safety boxes

Shelters and prefabricated rooms with shelter in earthquake or flood areas

Various workshop cabins in construction projects and …

Sandwich panel application

Guard kiosks are also used in many public and private centers.

Watch and guard kiosks can be used in prisons and as watchdogs in barracks.

The security guard is reasonably priced because it is usually designed and manufactured in small dimensions, and it can be used for a design that has an important role in beautifying the surrounding area.

Sheltered concierge can be implemented in the dimensions of one meter, a six-meter canteen, a four-meter console.

In the external view of this type of box, any material that the customer desires should be considered, taking into account the price of the security guard.

Security kiosks are three sides of the window and the entrance door for the full artisan to the environment, which can be designed according to the customer’s needs.

Lightweight and hard panels, sandwich panels are an integral part of many modern interior designs of the aircraft. Reinforcing and restoring the edges of these panels can be costly and time consuming but necessary.

Environmental applications also require the completion of fire regulations, smoke and toxic emissions (FST), which limits a significant number of solutions in this area.

3M offers a comprehensive and modern range of products for a variety of applications in sandwich panels and structures both for interior space and aircraft structures.

Application of sandwich structure

The increasing importance of weight saving to achieve reduced fuel consumption along with the production of complex components increases the need for honeycomb and sandwich composites in aircraft production.

Although they are light and hard, honey sandwich structures require local reinforcement in load bearing areas or in fixed points such as inserts. Naturally, open sandwich edges need to be strengthened and protected to prevent damage and moisture damage.

For this purpose, 3M has several products that are easily used manually or automatically and can be treated at room temperature or at temperatures of 120 ° C / 180 ° C. The 3M thick nuclear core fillers ensure high performance in the application by adding minimum weight to the final structure. Since many low-density 3M fillers offer fully independent FST performance, the 3M-pot combinations can resolve the international aerospace industry by addressing the issues of their ultimate adherence to their final components.

The typical applications of the edge of the honeycomb sandwich are close, reinforcing the area where the inserts or connectors will be needed later in the

process and smashing honeycomb cores and sandwiches.