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The sandwich panel is a building material that is prefabricated at the factory by customer order (proprietary) and then shipped to the site for installation and installation of a sandwich panel.

Sandwich panels have different benefits that can be exploited for each user and climate, sandwich panels have three layers, and upon request, this sandwich panel is also available in two layers.

The two outer layers of the sandwich panel protect the middle layer, the two outer layers can be made in a variety of metal, wooden and transparent sheets, and the middle layer can be made of polyurethane, polystyrene, XPS, glass wool and rock wool. Made

Sandwich panels are used to build all types of office, commercial, industrial and residential buildings and prefabricated villas; sandwich panels are also available in the form of a fireproof and latex sandwich panel, and their function is that flames on the spot It has been smudged and deformed at temperatures below 1000 degrees.

The sandwich panels are sound insulation, heat, moisture and earth-resistant, which can be used to build real estate in faint and earthquake locations.

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