About Mammut Representation 5019

Representative Mammut 5019 is a series of active in the field of consulting, designing, producing and executing a variety of sandwich ceiling, wall and ceiling panels, which has been started by engineers, consultants, designers and with the support of technical and expert staff and for all projects in addition to The precise and advanced control of scientific and research centers addresses precisely and consistently the properties of materials used in accordance with national and international standards and is always the leading provider of new designs in the production and implementation of various types of nave and structural coatings.


Design and implementation of industrial and roof coatings and wall niches

Fixed and mobile prefabricated structures

Sale of all kinds of ceiling and wall panel sandwiches

Supplying and distributing all kinds of Galvanized, Aluzink, Aluminum, Oily and Black Plates.

The production and distribution of fiberglass, rock wool, lace and light iron

Preparation and distribution of adhesive and adhesive adhesives for sealing ceilings

Sale and execution of Iranian and foreign polycarbonate sheets

Ceiling polycarbonate

Wall Polycarbonate

Ceiling panel sandwich

Wall panel sandwich

Sale of sandwich panels

Install the sandwich panel

Sandwich Mammut panel

Sandwich panel clean room

Advantages of the sandwich panel

Mammut representation