Install and run a sandwich panel

Before installing and implementing a sandwich panel (sandwich panel panels), consider the following:

The seam sandwich panels should be filled with polyurethane spray (this will be done to ensure that the joints of the panels are sealed). Prior to puffing up your polyurethane, place the other panel. This causes:

1 The sealing panel of the sandwiches is more in place

2 The sandwich adhesion of the panels increases at a seamless location.

3 The heat exchange at the connection point is very low.

The longitudinal and transverse sandwich panels of the panels depend on the location of the connection to the chassis or structure with special studs for the thickness and length of the panels used. The shape of the connection of these studs to the steel chassis is done by a rivet. It is also best to insulate the polyurethane spray before spraying the panels inside the studs.

Install the sandwich panel

Special tips on installing and running a sandwich panel

Tips for installing and running sandwich panels on sandwich panels are worth considering, most notably:

– Adequate support for closing the screws is used (depending on the position of the trapezoidal steps and the allowable distance between the sandwich panels)

– Considering the distance between the columns, the final width, the installation location and the implementation of sandwich panels, the height of the sandwich panels, and the intensity of the wind blowing relative to the place of installation and implementation of the sandwich panel sandwich panel in the design of metal structures and the construction of wall panel sandwiches (due to reduction Perti on installing and running the sandwich panel)

– Use of the best sandwich panels for sandwich panels using Gutter and Flashing, which are used for the beauty and sealing of structures.

– Use special adhesive CRAP 225 (korapop225) for optimal sealing and sealing

– Use of special gaskets for installation and implementation of ceiling roof panels sandwichpanel and sandwich panels wall sandwich panel

– The precision and observance of the assembly of the pivot and panel panels for proper sealing of wall panel sandwiches

– Fast and easy shipping speed and easy installation of sandwich panels are the special features of this product.

Iran has made significant progress in making the panel sandwich, and its use is also proven to be better than the old one.

It is very difficult to use in Iran due to different weather conditions and its four seasons.

The sandwich panel is very suitable for the high resistance to different conditions, and it is much more cost effective than other structures due to its long life.

Sandwich panel

These panels have a remarkable resistance to the earthquake and, due to light weight, will cause the least financial and psychological damage to earthquakes, and this will be considered when it comes to the fact that Iran is located on the largest earthquake faults and is immune to this great natural disaster. It is important and significant.

If you notice that European countries, due to their better performance, have come up with these panels sandwiched for years to build structures. But if we think a bit, we will find that their use in buildings and buildings will be more cost effective and better. Andساندویچ پانل when you go to the city for a while, you will see that most of the manufacturers have started to think about it and started using the panels.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers of thick-walled and different types of metal polyurethane sandwich panels. We used modern and advanced machines to produce our panel, one of the best in the world and the only continuous product line in the region.

Our products are in good demand and recommended by many advisers and engineers; this is due to the appearance and prices of various aesthetics.

Sandwich panel products. Advanced building products, made with galvanized galvanized steel coated steel / galvanized steel are produced as high and low plate and in between polyurethane or glass wool or rock wool as insulating materials.

Install the sandwich panel

The sandwich panel has been introduced as one of the new materials in the construction of structures and niches, which in addition to the construction of structures used in other fields including construction of: cargo chambers, the construction of isolated rooms, the construction of cheap villas, construction of hollows And ….

The panel sandwich consists of three layers, its two layers of metal in the outer portions and a layer as foam in the middle section of the sandwich panel, depending on the application of the sandwich panel in the particular conditions of the foam injected into the sandwich panel layers. Be