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Sandwich panel

With polyurethane foam that has twice the energy efficiency of polystyrene and this type is in the category of the best sandwich panels in terms of mechanical and thermal properties. The insulator used is a hard polyurethane type that is closed from the cell’s structure and is inserted into the cell with a gas (close celled), which puts this polyurethane structure in the ranks of the best thermal insulators, such that a sandwich panel with a thickness of 4 cm is equivalent to one A wall with a thickness of 50cm is of no heat transfer from brick and stone, and sound is also a good sound insulation

Types of sandwich panels are divided into the following types according to the material of the insulating material:

  • Sandwich panel for polyurethane
  • Polystyrene sandwich panel
  • Sandwich panel stone wool
  • Types of Sandwich Panels:

1- Ceiling panel sandwich

Roof Sandwich Panel is one of the types of sandwich panels made up of a double layer of sheet, which is insulated with polyurethane foam. Due to the step-by-step (upper trapezoidal) of the upper sheet of the ceiling panel, there is a possibility of annealing and it can seal the ceiling. Before using the ceiling panel, first you have to install the gatters (roofs) and then cover the ceiling, and after completing the ceiling, the flushing sheets are used for finishing the work.

Sandwich panels are manufactured in thicknesses 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15, and the appearance of this type of panel is best done by sealing. This type of sandwich panel is used abundantly in the ceiling of the building, the factory, the sports hall, the parking lot, the roof of the building, and so on.

  • This kind of sandwich panel is one of the types of sandwich panels for use on the ceiling. In this type of panel is a trapezoidal sheet and grooved sheet. Due to the trapezoidal steps and the way of the aperture, it allows the penetration of water into the interior to produce, first The sheets are opened and flattened by a fully automated flat plate and then shaped with a roll forming machine and, according to the predetermined design, is poured between the two sheets of polyurethane foam evenly and after baking the final shape of the sandwich panel is obtained. .
  • Model: Trapezoidal sheet
  • Thickness: 4,5,6,8,10 centimeters
  • Width: 107 cm fixed 107 cm
  • Length: 1 to 12 meters

2-sandwich panel panel industrial nails etc …

Wall panel sandwich for use in the walls of industrial niches, a workshop of walls and interior, office and residential partitions of 4 to 6 cm. The two types of aluminum sheets are galvanized and by creating a groove on them, the strength of the pressure can be as favorable as possible. Picked up

The wall panel sandwich is designed to have a reflection on the side of the width of the one side, and the other side has a bulge and a pinnacle that causes locking and overlapping of the edges of each other to connect the screw structure. The existing wall thickness sandwiches range from 4 centimeters to 20 centimeters depending on the type of customer’s choice and choice.

The hidden screw wall panel sandwich is performed because of its special physics, which does not identify any of the screws after installation, and gives a better look to the shell or factory view.

Types of Wall Mounted Sandwiches Company: DND Smooth-RPO Hollow Screws-No RP1 Hollow Screw Micro-Vio-RP2 Hollow Screed Mills-RP3 Hollow Shank Screws

3- Sandwich panel chiller

Sandwich panel Could Room is made from a sandwich panel with thickness of 8 cm and 10 cm and 12 cm and 15 centimeters. In the cold room, cooler panels are used in walls and ceilings. This type of sandwich panel, like a wall panel sandwich, is attached as a slider and pillow. This type of panel is the best option for cold storage because of the lowest heat transfer coefficient.

To protect the products in a safe and optimal manner at low temperatures, cold stores are used; It can be used at very low temperatures. Between using a suitable cover for walls and ceilings is best suited for using the sandwich panel of polyurethane most ideal.

The refrigerator panel sandwich is used for use on the ceiling or cold-wall of the house, and because of its orbital and portable features, the cross-sectional area has the least heat and sound transmission, which is the best option for the production of a refrigerator.

4- Clean rooms Sandwich panel

Sandwich panel The clean room, which is said to have a smooth double-wall panel sandwich, is also fluorescent and has a high resistance to corrosion. Because of its surface level and its other properties, it is possible to accumulate dust, microbes and bacteria on it to a minimum, and in thicknesses of 4 to 15 cm, with double-sided allusing sheet or double sheet, galvanized sheet with a sheet thickness of 0.6 Or 0.7 mm for the operating room of the hospital, drug stores, vaccine factories, food shops, laboratories and medical equipment manufacturing workshops.

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