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Characteristics of Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels Sandwich panel or panel is a type of construction materials to cover walls and ceilings of all building types. A combination of metal sheets and a sandwiched insulation materials between two sheets were used to make panel. Sandwich panel is produced in two types of wall and ceiling that wall panel itself is […]

انواع ساندویچ پانل

Types of sandwich panels

Types of sandwich panelsNow the company is a manufacturer of all types Sandwich panel With polyurethane foam that has twice the energy efficiency of polystyrene and this type is in the category of the best sandwich panels in terms of mechanical and thermal properties. The insulator used is a hard polyurethane type that is closed […]

Clean room sandwich panel

clean room Sandwich panel The clean room or clay roofs are said to be places where there must be at least air entraining and exhausting, and no dust, germs, space vapor, etc. should flow into it. No external flow should be entered. Even those who arrive at these places must first have an air shower […]

roofing sandwich panel

?What is roofing sandwich panel A type of building material that is applied from two layers of sheet, which is injected between the foam and used to cover the roof, is a roof panel sandwich, which is the best type of foam used in terms of insulation and durability in the sandwich panel of the […]

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Sandwich panel

What is Sandwich panel ? Sandwich panel or aluminum composite panel (ACP) as well as aluminum composite materials (ACM) are composed of lightweight and compounds that both sides of the two layers has been limited and  a layer of insulation in the midst of it (like a hamburger sandwich bread it is covered from both […]

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About us

Representative Mammut 5019 Mammut 5019 is a private Iranian company, which recognizes the partnership with the Islamic nation as its greatest honor . Mammut 5019 was founded to provide credible scientific and experimental professional services … Services of Mammut 5019 Company: Sandwich panel installer, Contractor installation panel, Contractor installation of sandwich panel, Manufacturer of niches, […]