Sandwich Panel Operator

Official and reputable representative of Mammut Industrial Company Sandwich Panel Conductor

The company is ready to carry out industrial projects in the following fields throughout our beloved country

With the best quality and excellent service. Hope with divine grace a step towards the development and progress of the country

The most important activity fields of the company is the coverage of the 5019 Mammut representative of the Sandwich Panel operator as follows:

Sandwich panel installer for ceiling and roof and roof panel

Installation and installation of sandwich panel and ceiling

High-quality installation of all kinds of sheet and sandwich panel

Roof cover and cavity wall with industrial sandwich panels and colored sheets

Build and install all sorts of honor

Making and installing flushguns and buttons

Making all sorts of high-rise refrigerator zero minister

Build prefabricated panels

Interior partitioning of various types of niches and vases

Executor covering all types of spatial structures

Implementation of walls and walls of factories and industrial buildings and administrative and public facilities

Enormous projects of all kinds of sandwich panels

Do-it-yourself sandwich panel, ceiling, wall, cold storage

Sandwich Panel Implementers: A reputable dealership for the delivery, installation and immediate installation of sandwich panel ceilings, wall thicknesses of cm, with various types of colors, and all kinds of colors, candles and refrigerators. The Code 5019 will be ready to work on major projects and fulfill your important orders.

Brief description of the activities of the major projects of the various types of sandwich panels

  • Preparation, manufacture, implementation of various types of niches (all types of sandwich panels of Mammuts)
  • Provision, creation and implementation of metal skeletons
  • Installation of roof and wall panel sandwiches across the country
  • Create a clean room
  • Installation and sale of all kinds of colored sheets, galvanized, sinusoidal, cheadlin, trapezoidal
  • Installing and selling galvanized brushes, flushing types
  • Create a variety of concierge, engineering rooms, offices, classrooms, universities
  • Free visit to project location
  • Provides advice on selection and implementation of projects related to various types of sandwich panels
  • مجری ساندویچ پانل
مجری ساندویچ پانل

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