Apadana Covering Tower CompanyDescription of Activity: Covering the niches with sandwich panels – wall and ceiling panels, designing, installing accessories for the building, building facade, Flushing for the beauty of the structure, building of various prefabricated buildings, conferences, residential, villas, workshop and marighip workshop equipping, Construction and installation of a refrigerator under zero and above zero with a sandwich panel, a variety of clean rooms

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Iranian Witnesses Company

Activity description: metal structures, metal structure, construction of hollows, metal skeletons, skeletons, screws and punches, installation of niches

Contact numbers:009821 22258792 and 009821 22258791

Mr. Miri: 00989129261375

Activity description: Coating of niches with sandwich panels, roofing and wall panels with design and refinement, manufacturing of workshop and workers workshop equipping

Mr. Ali Shah Mohammadi: 00989123827549

Activity description: Covering the niches with sandwich panels, ceiling and wall panels

  • Designing, installing the accessories of the hollow cavity, the facade of the dumplings, the flushing for the beauty of the structure
  • Design, construction and installation of a refrigerator under zero and above zero with a sandwich panel
  • Design a variety of clean rooms (Kelin Rome)

Provides all types of sandwich panels, polyurethane panels, ceiling sandwich panels, wall panel sandwiches, refrigerated sandwich panels, density 40 kg / m 3, consulting and designing of various industrial structures with a minimum of energy consumption and consultation with designing saloons. Chicken and nourishing industrial and production niches and food warehouses and construction of cold storage rooms with the lightest materials and the least energy consumption with the least time to run, the construction of various containers and portable refrigerators below zero and above zero, one of the most important activities of the industrial complex The company is known for its international industry Nal is one of the largest complexes, with products such as sandwich panels, prefabricated buildings, a box office, and a load room. The company, with its experienced and professional staff with the aim of high quality and special attention of senior management of the organization, has been able to achieve this goal with the slogan “The superior quality of it”, which has been able to take great and effective steps towards the promotion of the industry of prefabricated buildings, And take the room.