Load carrying rooms are made by specific sandwich panels from two double side pre-colored sheets with polyurethane and floor is made of ragged iron sheet.

Inside room has lighting system. The back door of this room is two-lining, and there are 3 wooden multilayer hinges with 8mm thickness from Aluzinc sheet with pvc insulation by specific rubber.

Technical characteristics of pickup refrigerator room (Nissan)

– Room is made by polyurethane materials injection as panel in Russian wood hank with 40-50 density

– The refrigerator room floor is aluminum rail with 60-63 alloy (the floor material changes by customers’ order)

– Interior and exterior sheet of refrigerator room is 0.7 double-colored Aluzinc.

– The room interior sheet is shuttered for air transfer.

– All over the room hank is with 16*6 furnace pre-colored aluminum corner which are connected to sandwich panels and floor by a first-rate steel rivets and special adhesives

– Door framework and steel door

– Two step insulation: one is for the beneath not to be exposed to erosion, and the second is on it to be visible. Both of them are done in three steps of first: cleaner, second: primer, and third: automotive grid polyurethane adhesive.

– Chassis of all studs and cans

– All-steel fittings, steel switching book lock

– Room with doublet two color three-hinged made of specific pvc (number and size of doors are based on the customers’ order)

– Lighting system of room with 4 lams in 4 exterior sides above the room, 4 specific lamps inside, 2 triangle reflector in the shield, two Turkish l-earing lamps, and 8 decorative lamps in two exterior sides of room

– Room connection by 10 fabric bolts to the car chassis

– Installation of double transit shield, dumper, refrigerator door holder, fenders

– Installation of fiberglass guard, and too box in both left and right sides of room with transit lightening system

– Installation of watershed channel by a specific valve in 4 sides of room for interior washing