کلین روم - clean room

clean room Sandwich panel

The clean room or clay roofs are said to be places where there must be at least air entraining and exhausting, and no dust, germs, space vapor, etc. should flow into it.

No external flow should be entered. Even those who arrive at these places must first have an air shower and special clothing, so that they should be used with special ceilings and walls to allow the air to enter and exit as low as possible.

These sandwich panels are usually flat (flattened or flattened), to allow the placement of dust and bacteria; Other features of this sandwich panel are that it has a very high resistance to corrosion, decay, and germs and bacteria.

Sandwich flat panel Alusinck can usually be produced in thicknesses of 0.6 and 0.7 mm. Insulation can also be polyurethane or polystyrene, which today is used polyurethane because of its high insulation properties and high resistance. Sandwich panel Flat Mammuth with a fixed width of 1,045 square meters and an arbitrary length are offered.

A special kind of sandwich panel is a non-reflective anti-shock model, with two b1 and b2 classes being produced. B1 or PIR PIR grades do not generate flammable dust particles and do not expose fire when firing.

Sandwich panel application Clean room:

One of the uses of this panel in food manufacturing workshops, drug production, labs, hospital equipment such as operating and surgical rooms, etc.

The thickness of these panels varies from 4 to 15 cm depending on its application

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