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اتاق یخچالی

Refrigerator room structure

  Load carrying rooms are made by specific sandwich panels from two double side pre-colored sheets with polyurethane and floor is made of ragged iron sheet. Inside room has lighting system. The back door of this room is two-lining, and there are 3 wooden multilayer hinges with 8mm thickness from Aluzinc sheet with pvc insulation […]

ورق دامپا

  Dampa sheet One of beautiful and spectacular forming of sheets is dampa sheet used in ceiling and walls. However, it is usually used in the internal coverage of ceiling. Colored or oil sheets with color varieties or aluminum sheets are used in this forming. Thickness : Dampa oil sheet is produced from 0.6-0.6mm to […]

مزایای ساندویچ پانل

Characteristics of Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels Sandwich panel or panel is a type of construction materials to cover walls and ceilings of all building types. A combination of metal sheets and a sandwiched insulation materials between two sheets were used to make panel. Sandwich panel is produced in two types of wall and ceiling that wall panel itself is […]

نمایندگی ماموت 5019- شرکت ماموت - برترین نماینده ماموت- فروش ساندویچ پانل - درباره ماموت 5019

About us

Representative Mammut 5019 Mammut 5019 is a private Iranian company, which recognizes the partnership with the Islamic nation as its greatest honor . Mammut 5019 was founded to provide credible scientific and experimental professional services … Services of Mammut 5019 Company: Sandwich panel installer, Contractor installation panel, Contractor installation of sandwich panel, Manufacturer of niches, […]