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Sandwich panel application

Sandwich panel applicationSandwich panels are widely used as construction materials, chemical industry, construction, packaging, refrigeration, military industries, aerospace, aerospace, transportation and design of industrial models and other aspects. . . . – Refrigerators and refrigeration industries. – Construction industry including walls and ceilings of production, industrial and semi-industrial halls, workshops, field clinics, office buildings, commercial […]

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Install the sandwich panel

Install the sandwich panel Made by mammut in the category of sandwich panel, installing the sandwich panel Install Sandwich Panel Since sandwich panels are of the utmost importance, such as thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture resistance, anti-combustion and beauty preservation, the following points should be considered when installing a sandwich panel: Connecting the panel sandwich […]

Install and run a sandwich panel

Install and run a sandwich panel Before installing and implementing a sandwich panel (sandwich panel panels), consider the following: The seam sandwich panels should be filled with polyurethane spray (this will be done to ensure that the joints of the panels are sealed). Prior to puffing up your polyurethane, place the other panel. This causes: […]

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Advantages of the sandwich panel

The advantages of a sandwich panel include: – Lightweight walls made of sandwich panels compared to other materials – Transport speed and ease sandwich panels at altitude – High resistance to earthquake shear forces – Insulation against heat, cold, humidity and sound – Resistant to fire due to the concrete layers of sandwich panel sides […]

polystyrene Sandwich panels

Polystyrene Sandwich panels The polystyrene panel sandwich consists of three main types of polystyrene foam, ordinary polystyrene, and polystyrene foil. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) (known in Iran as ionolite) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) are various types of polystyrene foam. EPS is one of the most well-known and most commonly used types of polystyrene, which is styrofoam […]

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Wall sandwich panel

Sandwich panel with double-sided plain sheet with electrostatic paint, scratch-resistant sheet in various thicknesses, width of 1 m and desired length with a new design in the interior and exterior. The sandwich panel of the flat sheet is used with two monolithic grooved designs and a wavelength, and the sliding edges of the installation give […]

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Sandwich panel

What is Sandwich panel ? Sandwich panel or aluminum composite panel (ACP) as well as aluminum composite materials (ACM) are composed of lightweight and compounds that both sides of the two layers has been limited and  a layer of insulation in the midst of it (like a hamburger sandwich bread it is covered from both […]