?What is roofing sandwich panel

A type of building material that is applied from two layers of sheet, which is injected between the foam and used to cover the roof, is a roof panel sandwich, which is the best type of foam used in terms of insulation and durability in the sandwich panel of the polyurethane foam panel.

Roofing Sandwich panel is another type of sandwich panel for use in the roofing. Considering the steps trapezoidal shape and overlap to allow water to penetrate inside destroys to lengths long (over 13 meters) functionality overlap getting on each other’s . roofing Sandwich panel of the building material is composed of several layers of foam injected between them and the roof is used. The foam used in insulation and strength and resistance of polyurethane sandwich panels are foam roofs. Insulating layer of rock wool, polyurethane, fiberglass, polystyrene is formed. This layer is soft and flexible. Different companies manufacturing sandwich panels and sandwich panels come in all sizes and offerings. Iran sandwich panel is one of those companies that is active in Tabriz. Ceiling panels are a type of sandwich panels produced in the company in various aspects.

Types of Sandwich Ceiling Panel

Simple roofing sandwich panels

hidden screws roofing sandwich panels

:Application of roofing sandwich panel

– Covering the roof and wall of niches and industrial buildings

– Ceiling and wall transport containers

 – Covering the roof and  walls of the types of static and portable cold storage

 – roof and wall of static and mobile container

– covering the roofing and walls of the barn and silo

:Roofing sandwich panels use cases

roofing sandwich panels for roof covering industrial niches, sport’s niches, prefabricated containers and buildings, Building of the villa and the nest of the plane and all industrial and prefabricated buildings.

:The structure of the industrial sandwich panel

Coating on the panel: colored or colorless galvanized sheet

– middle core of panel: polyurethane foam with a density equivalent to 40 + _2kg / M3, polystyrene foam with a density of 20 + _ 2Kg / M3

– The back cover of the panel is a colored or aluminum-coated galvanized sheet of various thicknesses or a layer of aluminum foil arranged craft paper.

Features precast walls and roofs

– Cold insulated, heat, sound, humidity

– Wind Resistant

– Resistant to rust

– Resistant to chemicals

– Drift and earthquake resistant

– Resistant to insects

– Affordable

– Color variation

– recyclable

– Fast and easy shipping

– Ease of installation and implementation of facilities

– Suitable for all climates

– Washable

– light weight

– Health

:Technical specifications of roofing sandwich panels

Useful width of one meter and unprofitable width is 1.08 meters and length is 14 meters in thickness from 2 cm to 15 cm. Galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet are used both in sheet metal or in foil sheet.

?Why Mammut 5019

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