ورق دامپا

Dampa sheet

One of beautiful and spectacular forming of sheets is dampa sheet used in ceiling and walls. However, it is usually used in the internal coverage of ceiling.

Colored or oil sheets with color varieties or aluminum sheets are used in this forming.

Thickness :

Dampa oil sheet is produced from 0.6-0.6mm to 0.8-0.9mm

The colored dampa sheet is produced in 0.4-0.5mm thickness.

Aluminum dampa sheer is produced in two forms of aluminum and colored aluminum with 0.5mm thickness.


It is usually produced in two short and long sizes whose size change after forming.

Its short sheet dimensions are 100*200mm and its long dimensions are 125*250mm.

The short dimensions change to 84*200 and long dimensions change to 100*250 after forming.

Each standard sheet with 0.5mm thickness is about 8kg.

Dampa sheet is used both for ceiling and wall, but its maximum application is in ceiling mostly the interior ceiling of building.

Halogen lamp place is usually curved by gimplet in dampa sheet that is installed in the ceiling.

Selling unit of dampa sheet is based on sheet and its short type of 1*2 is more popular.

If you select this forming, it is better calculate based on 80*200cm.

The relative weight of each standard sheet with 0.50mm smaller thickness of 200*100 is about 8kg.


Refrigerator room


Refrigerator room is a box installed on the chassis and is used to transfer cooling-need productions. Refrigerator room must have specific characteristics. For example, they must have thermal insulator to minimize energy loss or be isolated. It means there must be no possibility for air and pollution to enter to or exit from it. Dimensions of this room are built based on chassis and customers’ order.